About Us

Welcome to Little Giant Marketing, where we have been empowering insurance agents with state-of-the-art marketing solutions since 2015.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, our mission is to provide affordable, autonomous efficiencies to enable insurance agents the ability to scale effectively and profitably.

Our Founder

John Graham, a New Jersey native and business graduate from Cabrini College, founded Little Giant Marketing out of a deep passion for analytics and a precise understanding of numbers. With extensive experience in the insurance industry, John has utilized his analytical prowess to tailor marketing strategies that maximize efficiency and return on investment. His commitment to data-driven decisions is at the core of our business operations.

Why Choose Us?

At Little Giant Marketing, we recognize the challenges insurance agents face in lead generation, process streamlining, and follow-up automation.

Our comprehensive solutions address these challenges directly, enabling you to focus on scaling your business with confidence.

Our Core Values

Structure: Efficiently organized and strategically planned operations.

Motivated: Committed to continuous improvement and evolution in all our projects.

Adventurous: Innovators at heart, we embrace new ideas and exciting ventures.

Reliable: Known for our consistent quality, performance, and trustworthiness.

Transparency: We operate in an open and clear manner, ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed.

Our Services Include:

• Custom CRM systems tailored specifically for insurance agents.

• Advanced marketing automation that converts unique ideas into effective campaigns.

• State-of-the-art reporting dashboards that provide comprehensive insights and analytics.

• Streamlined lead generation processes designed for high conversion and effective tracking.

Join Us

Explore how Little Giant Marketing can transform your insurance agency with cutting-edge marketing solutions. Let us help you build a future where your business not only grows but thrives with clarity and efficiency. SCHEDULE A DEMO today to learn more about how we can elevate your operations and achieve outstanding success.

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